Hillary Clinton has chosen to deny Keystone Pipeline

hillary prisonAs of this afternoon Hillary Clinton has just released her views to how she will deal with the Keystone Pipeline. She has stated to deny the building of it which easily shows she does not approve of any type prosperity, economical growth, or ability to provide labor to the many who are unemployed. Am I surprised, no I was actually expecting this type of response it just surprises me that her reaction did not come out sooner. I find this reaction not surprising as the woman has always been against any type of growth taking place in the United States that will benefit the working man and further build our economy strength.

This woman feels it is a distraction; how is it a distraction and how is the pipeline going to be a problem with climate change? I think there are too many persons that are drinking kool aid and need to stop as this climate change issue is getting ridiculous! What I find more interesting is how Hillary gave the excuse as she felt this denial of the Keystone Pipeline would be better for everyone. I actually laugh at her reasoning; it has become quite obvious over time Hillary does not know how to be a leader or improve capabilities for America.

Perhaps Hillary has other matters on her mind?


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