Rick Perry is running low on funding

I have never been involved with an election before so saving funds for campaign needs is nothing I have an interest in doing. What does draw my interest is hearing how Rick Perry is suddenly low on funding and it is only been a brief period after the first debate. I am actually quite surprised that political funds can run out that quickly.

From the resources I have been reading it would appear Rick Perry has gotten so low on political funds he has the desire to stay in South Carolina but Perry is now stated to those working with him they have an option; to volunteer or they can go elsewhere. Apparently Perry still has ample amount of funds to be in Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire yet his funds are not high enough to pay for help. The intention is to build a stronger appearance with the next debate and hoping that stronger appearance will build more donations.

Sounds a bit greed hungry as to why Perry refuses to pay others who are willing to help him but there again that does say a lot about him as a person don’t you think?


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