What is the real reason for uninviting Donald Trump

Trump 2016By now everyone has either heard, read, or seen what is taking place at one of the GOP functions; that of which Donald Trump was once invited to until the host suddenly chose to uninvite him as he casually states. This uninvitation is due to remarks made to Megyn Kelly during the first Presidential debate. I find it quite interesting as Megyn Kelly was quite harsh with her invasive questioning yet she is being treated as the prima donna and someone who can do no wrong. Does anyone see what is wrong with this picture? During the debate, Donald Trump states nothing wrong in his answer. Trump clearly provided straight forward talk and honestly to Megyn Kelly during the debate when questions were asked of him.

It would appear however that due to Trump’s answers this particular person cannot handle the truth and honesty of anything taking place in America nor can he handle anything that is said from Donald Trump. Isn’t it quite amazing how someone can be so hypocritical and take such an action when they cannot deal with hearing the truth and must live in a bubble life?

Oh and for what it’s worth Megyn Kelly has been invited to this bruh ha ha now that that the seat of Donald Trump is suddenly open. As they say birds of a feather…


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