Trump can bring America to greatness once again

I have been listening to many American voters for months on both sides of the aisle and doing my best to hear their points of view. The list of things I continue to hear from every American voter whether they are Republican or Democratic there are many tired of living in medical debt and living in these United States without a military.

I discuss these issues with many and listen closely to those in tears because they must pay out of pocket expenses due to medical bills. Due to this supposed “good plan” called ObamaCare that can help makes me quite frustrated because I know it does nothing but force more money into the federal pockets and American citizens get nothing in return.

The United States military is being treated like an apple tree and being shaken to the core until the tree is absolutely bare. Our United States military is of priceless value for security protection both foreign and domestic and should never be tampered with. Yet this current POTUS feels the United States does not need security nor protection what is wrong with that moral thought and ethic?

Donald Trump is someone who fully believes in greatness and has the leadership resources to achieve greatness here in America once again. The American people have gone on for far too long without security, lack of jobs, and living in medical debt. It is time for a leader to be in our White House once again. It is time for Donald Trump to be our next President of the United States of America.


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