Hillary Clinton is one who practices to deceive

Hillary Clinton has been pretending nothing is wrong when in actuality there are multiple things that have taken place and no one would be the wiser as Clinton is like the black widow who practices weaving her web into a tangle so it perceives in one fashion and she can deceive in another. Hillary Clinton has been hiding from the press for good reasons one of many being she is scared to admit the truth that she has been fully involved with murdering the four men in Benghazi.

The truth is slowly beginning to sift out from the many hidden emails are slowly appearing from her private server thanks per a judge’s order. There is documentation showing Hillary Clinton while being the Secretary of State was aware of military planes, their locations, and the damage that could take place to our United States men before they were murdered.

There is further information showing the server used was not given the correct settings to make it classified yet Hillary stated over and over again the server was protected and could be used for classified documentation. Hillary also stated at times no classified documentation could be found on the server itself. The above information is now showing that Hillary Clinton has been playing a very harsh game of mistruths with the State Government and wasting their time and tax dollars. This matter dealt with as the evidence found is a smoking gun and it does not look promisng for Hillary and her future political campaign.


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