Donald Trump bowing out for Aug 6 seems likely

I have done some research on this issue and it would appear thus far Donald Trump is backing down for August 6. I find it quite intersting as to why he is doing it. Remember when his remarks were made about John McCain and how even though they were truthful they seemed to have gotten feathers flustered with some and with others their panties were quite twisted into a bunch? Well, it would appear that because that has taken place Donald Trump has chosen to back down and not attend the August 3 table that will be appearing.

I find it to be rather interesting as this man is at the highest rating of all Presidential candidates yet chose to bow out and not speak his mind nor answer questions. It raises a question, is he playing games or what is the next plan of action that will be taking place with this candidate if he has the intention of winning the General election to enter the Primary?

No comments from Mr. Trump himself have been made on this matter, all information has been obtained from social media resources. Mr. Trump has not made remarks about this matter via Twitter at this time either so no one knows what is going through his mind. It will be quite interesting to see how this matter will be handled in the coming weeks especially since Mr. Trump has chosen to bow out and not attend to answer questions every American voter wants to know about Presidential candidate.


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