Confederate Soldiers are American Veterans

confederate flagCannot make it any much easier to understand than that. I have located an article that states this for a fact and these fine men must be treated as American Veterans in our history books. To make my point even more clear, I have done further research on this matter and below is a link to a further article which will fully explain why these Confederate Soldiers deserve to be treated as American Veterans when written about in our history books and discussed in college classes. It took me some time to further look over this matter but I firmly believe and do agree this is the best article that does explain respect of the Veterans for who they are, what they are about, and the role in which they have served for this country. Please read the below link and pass it along if you would like to whomever you wish for this is American history that must be remembered and respected:

God bless our Veterans and the God Bless the United States of America! american-flag


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