John Kasich enters his Presidential Bid today

As of this morning John Kasich spent approximately an hour speaking on top issues of family, Christianity, before announcing his 2016 Presidential bid. I was aware of John Kasich slightly and his public performance as I have always paid close attention to politics. I recall reading about the positive actions that took place within the state of Ohio just was not aware until a much later date it who had done the good things within the state.

The verbiage spoken was impressive as well as warming because it opened up a few doors on things that must take place. Of course I was well aware as to these same issues and have heard them prior from other Presidential candidates but the tone John Kasich delivered them in did make a difference as it shows his views on a personal basis and that does mean quite a bit. With this 2016 Presidential entry taking place now it places John Kasich as the 16th person in the GOP race and it will be interesting to see just how close he can become to the voters between now and the first time around for speaking in a public election. There is much work for John Kasich to achieve and I am quite interested to learn more about this person especially after I have learned today he did work with Ronald Reagan.


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