Op-ed: Donald Trump and Sen McCain issue

I’ve made note how quickly the direct comment from Donald Trump to Sen John McCain has put Mr. Trump into the news and I have also made note on just how quickly there are many media news persons that have taken the news and twisted it before publishing. A news station I have turned to frequently for political information has even started to raise my eyebrows on some of the remarks that are coming about from the reporters because they are only half-truths.

What I find most interesting is the latest report showing Sen McCain speaking with someone on MSNBC. What makes this interesting is the Senator does not ask for a personal apology from Donald Trump he actually requests the apology be given to the troops. This raises my eyebrow especially because Sen McCain is the person who has been given the responsibility to ensure all of the Veterans are taken care of on the matter of health care and nothing has been done. Shouldn’t there be an apology given to the troops for ignoring the duty of not taking care of them as was promised?

For what it’s worth I am watching this and see voters are not buying into it as they appreciate Donald Trump because he is a straight talker which is much different than the many career politicians that are currently sitting on Congress. That is my observation on this matter.


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