Nuclear deal must be stopped by Congress and Senate

I highly suggest every Senator and Congress member vote nay on this Iran Nuclear deal which the President is attempting to pass. This agreement attempted by Obama is extremely dangerous for this country as well as the world. It is not safe and it will not make the world safer. This current President in office is attempting to pull a legacy with a horrible deal in thinking the IAEA will have an ability to go through all centerfuge areas for investigations to see what is taking place and how matters are progressing.

Iran has made issues quite clear from protests themselves screaming they want nothing more than death to America and death to Isreal. That comment has been said over and over and over again even during this deal discussion talk and no one seems to be realizing the fact that this country is double-faced and wishes to do nothing more than destroy.

Iran must be denied nuclear bomb capability. This agreement must be vetoed by Congress and the Senate! Congress and Senate must do what is right for the United States and stop this deal from going through!


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