Disturbing information regarding Iran nuclear program

Senate and Congress must provide a high enough number of votes to over ride this Iran deal otherwise it will be vetoed by the POTUS. This matter is extremely damaging. The Prime Minister of Israel has already made his morning comments stating this is very disturbing deal agreed upon. It was better to make no deal than a bad deal. That same remark has been echoed by many persons yet it has been ignored. Now here we are looking at this Iran nuclear crisis which is very disturbing especially with what this deal involves.

The Prime Minister of Israel clearly states this is a historic mistake and I fully agree with him. This is a historic mistake as Iran will build a bomb. What is more disturbing is the agreement that has been made. One of the items that has come into question is of inspectors as they must call for an appointment first. Here is the deal:

obama-baliThe IAEA has 24/7 access yet they have to place a call first to get permission to go into these areas first… the inspectors have so much time to go in before hand for an inspection. (This in itself is bullshit; why is it a call needs to be made for permission? The IAEA should be able to walk in at any time for doing inspection to see what is going on. This calling in for permission gives Iran plenty of time to hide or cover up what they are actually doing and not allow inspectors to see what is taking place)

Senator Kelly Ayotte has stated clearly this is a problem as Iran is a terrorist nation and no sanctions should be lifted. There is no positive side of this deal it is quite disturbing and this country must disable their program, period. Now that this deal has been started Sunni nations are going to want to be a part of this and want these type of weapons. This is not good, it is very bad as we do not need these type of weapons in terroristic hands.

The main question that does follow this is will there be enough votes within to ensure this issue is over ridden so it cannot be vetoed by the POTUS and it will not go through. Congress and Senate have 60 days to review the paperwork and discuss this matter before turning to a final vote.


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