GOP Donor needs to put on his big boy pants

Trump 2016I find it quite interesting that a GOP donor who has been giving high funds out for this 2016 Presidential doesn’t like the idea of just how high Donald Trump is sitting in rank for the up and coming first Presidential debate that will be taking place. This donor who goes by the name John Jordan is so disgusted with the idea of just how high Donald Trump is sitting he is now doing everything possible to have a wonderful man removed from the debate.

It raises the question why and it also raises the statement of this man must love the idea of having a liar in the White House to continue feeding him untruths. Donald Trump has every right to be included in the debate because of his ranking and this donor must pull his big boy pants up and become a man within the real world as money doesn’t buy everything and the American people are waking up to what is happening in America and want to know how it can be solved.

It will be quite interesting with the up and coming GOP debates taking place especially because it has been seen in multiple cases there are those who are showing signs of nervousness because the truth is beginning to show about what is taking place here in America and the American people want to know more of what can be done to make America great once again.


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