Are the media people that interested with Donald Trump

2016 Presidential Candidate
2016 Presidential Candidate

I mean let us think about what has been taking place with the media storm for a moment. Everywhere you listen or read in the media realm they are talking about Donald Trump has done this or that and it makes you really listen to what this man has been doing and it honestly makes you think about the things that Mr. Trump has said with what is taking place in America today. I am surely paying close attention to what is being said and I am hearing everything that is being said.

What I find quite interesting about all of this is coming from the media side of matters. There are many of them who have said over and over again that Donald Trump is a side show or he is a fictional character. My goodness just today on the show Media Matters a journalist actually came out with the term fictional character and stated that she honestly felt that way about Mr. Trump but in that same sentence she stated she could not stop writing about him. I actually raised my eyebrow after hearing the end of that statement and had to wonder either she’s bored with her writing assignments, is actually interested with Donald Trump or wants to actually make America great again and believes in what this man is doing and would like to accomplish should he win the Presidential seat.

Do you feel the media has been playing on a merry-go-round with Donald Trump because they are scared of what he says or they are interested in what he has to say? Feel free to leave me your thoughts!


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