TPA is moving to advancement because of Senate votes

Senate just voted TPA 60 – 37 closure. There will be more plants here in America that will close, more people that will loose their jobs because these large business owners will take money and run to make a cheaper product overseas rather than keep the jobs here in the United States where they belong. This is the freaking Democrats once again looking for money and not thinking of the American people.

Small business owners are the only companies who create businesses. It has been that way for many, many years. I do not know why these Senators constantly lie and state the fact they are doing their work for the people when in fact they are doing it for their wallets. Senator Cornyn of TX had the nerve to state he was doing it for the people? How so? There are markets overseas that will be providing cheaper work and they are the places that will provide cheaper material not higher quality of worksmanship nor higher quality of labor. What in the hell is the problem of deafness this man has and where is the confusion of not understanding this country of America comes first for where the labor of jobs must be?

I am tired of these Democratic Senators who do not understand there are many Americans in need of jobs here in America NOT overseas. Wake UP Congressmen and Congresswomen as you are soon to be seeing pink slips and out of jobs because you are not working for the voters!!!


One thought on “TPA is moving to advancement because of Senate votes

  1. As I sit here I am listening to Senator Joe Manchin speak the truth about what is taking place in his state of WV and it is heart breaking to hear the damage that has happened and what will happen with the passing of this TPA. Senator Manchin is a great man and a fabulous leader who knows what people are in need of for jobs to take care of their family, ensure they are fed, clothed and have a roof over their head. That is the goodness of working every day for a small business.

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