Iran is now voting to ban the view of their nuclear sites

Why? That is the largest and most important question… why is this country so concerned that International leaders want to ensure they are doing exactly what is needed and following the correct sanctions and not building nuclear bombs. Instead this country is moving forward with an attempt and forcing a ban on International inspections all together to no longer allow anyone into their country so they cannot view any of the centerfuges that are built or being built and see the progress of what is being done.

That type of action says one thing, those higher ups within Iran simply says that Iran has been stating mistruths to many foreign leaders in the world for quite sometime on what they are using nuclear energy for. Iran is not using nuclear energy to benefit their people instead it is being used to create nuclear chaos across the world that will kill human beings. Iran cannot be a trusted country in essence and more factors must be done in the way of sanctions and other legal and/or military corrections but nothing can be done until 2016 when a new President of the United States has taken role as at that time the correct leader will be put in place and leadership against this country can begin with strength, knowledge, and protection for America.

Obama has not done enough to protect America from Iran as a leader. The only way to correct his wrongs is to wait until this man is out of office and a new President has taken his place. America will be strong and have strength once again as we once did it will take time but this country will be a great country once again.


2 thoughts on “Iran is now voting to ban the view of their nuclear sites

  1. Well how about we show them why they are so dangerous and drop one on their underground facilities? Let them know we have another pointed in their direction at their most populated city if they wish to continue any plans for nuclear weapons…..

  2. Do you honestly think that doing such action would cease their cause considering they have already been making such horrid chants on what they want to do to the nation of America? Wouldn’t that type of action you suggest cause further chaos?

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