Values and principles are equal in us all…

This is something I remember hearing directly when listening to Carly Fiorina during her speech given at the Faith & Freedom Conference. Every American value, every American principle is equal and no one person is above another; each person is equal and will be treated as equal. That is what makes the United States of America a special nation in comparison to other nations. Every person in the United States of America has a gift and skill which makes them special and unique. Conservatives believe every person was given these gifts and skills to create whatever directioni they wish to go in life for a career whether it is a doctor, a lawyer, a fireman, a police officer, and yes an small business owner who provides builds his or her business and has the capacity to build a business and eventually provide employment.

Values and principles are something that are provided by God almighty. The progressives seem to be stuck on a glue stick that if a person has issues learning a certain way they do not have value they do not have principle which is the wrong way to think about someone. Progressives are wrong in general as everyone is unique and always will be unique regardless of race, creed, or color! Values and principles are extremely important and must always be kept up front when speaking to someone and never EVER forgotten because no person should be treated differently than another. Every person must be treated equally and given the chance to grow in the direction they choose.

As I have said before and I will say it again Lady Liberty was given to us for a reason to welcome all persons into this country regardless of race, creed, color, and diversity who want to live here in this nation legally and proudly begin anew with others in a nation where they can build their dreams of a life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

There is a strong faith in America and there is a strong value of compassion in America for all persons. Conservatives are strong with values of faith, compassion, and most importantly the love of God Almighty.

Have a wonderful week everyone!


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