Faith and Freedom speakers were fantastic

Image courtesy of Gualberto107 /
Image courtesy of Gualberto107 /

I wasn’t personally in Washington, D.C. this previous Friday but I did have the opportunity to see some of the Faith and Freedom speakers on C-Span as it was replayed. I had the ability to see the full speeches of quite a few of them and was quite impressed by those whom I saw as they did give very solid comments to think about and I really liked a few of them especially. For examle, I happen to see the Former Governor of Ohio John Kasich and quite enjoyed listening to his views on how he viewed things personally and what he feels this country needs to do for 2016 in order to take back the Oval Office.

I was able to watch the speech of Carly Fiorina and listen to her point of view on matters. I found it quite interesting as I learned even more about her thoughts including her views and opinions from every angle – personal, political, business, financial, and economical. Carly was quite open on her personal life which I found refreshing and very open on how she would help rebuild the United States in the sense of job creation. I found Carly a very elegant speaker and quite business like when necessary on important matters when she spoke of things such as how she would manage Iran that would actually work and it does not need boots on the ground as many Democrats are saying it does.

I am quite happy that I had the ability to see and listen to a few speakers at this Faith and Freedom Conference. it gave me a strong feeling of what is important, who will always be important in my life and what must be done for this coming election so the conservatives can take back the Oval Office and repair the damage that has been done.


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