Donald Trump has announced his 2016 POTUS run

I am stunned to hear the news this morning when Donald Trump announced he would be running for the 2016 Ticket and POTUS. I am still in complete shock more because of the wonderful things this man has done throughout the world in business and to hear him now announce his running for President of the United States it is quite invigorating. I believe this will be quite the campaign knowing what this man has for resources.

A few of the things that got my attention that were mentioned:

– Overseas jobs that were removed from the USA would be brought back
– Obama Care would be removed
– A wall would be built at the border and Mexico would be getting billed for it
– Common core would be no longer used for education
– Rebuild the military strength from within
– Removal of ISIS

There is more to the above list but I only gave a few of what was listed as they really got my attention. I look forward to hearing more from Donald Trump and the type of things which he feels this country needs to do in order for improvement. I have to wonder if he is the next touch of Reagan-esque this country needs to get things done and have the United States put back on track?


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