Can Jeb Bush distance himself from the Bush family?

As of yesterday Jeb Bush announced his running for POTUS and he spoke of many things he could do for the United States of America. Something that came to mind immediately without a doubt was the fact being this man must distance himself away from the Bush family of political Presidents. First it was his grand father who became the 41st President, George H.W. Bush then it was his father who became the 43rd President, George W Bush. Now Jeb is making an attempt to run for the 2016 Presidential run himself.

The Bush family surely has been involved with political theater and it will be a tough track for Jeb to follow. More importantly as I stated earlier it is most valuable for Jeb to find his own political path of leadership which others will agree upon and stay with it. This is something that only Jeb Bush can do now that his hat has been thrown into the 2016 Presidential ring. It will be quite interesting to hear how he answers questions in the coming months and who is chosen to be a part of his campaign team.


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