You don’t need a college education to be the POTUS

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For some reason there are American voters who seem to think a person must be college educated or they are not skilled enough to step into the Oval Office. I have an opinion on that matter which I would like to share. Education does not make the POTUS perform the job correctly. I do agree there is nothing wrong with having an education but what builds the person and will assist them at their performance is the previous skills and experiences learned over time.

This nation is in need of someone with leadership skills and leadership experience who is not afraid to show it nor do it. Currently there are serious issues taking place and they must be corrected beginning with the Federal Tax Code; when that tax code is corrected it will open the doors for business owners to start hiring here in the United States once again. Illegel immigration must be resolved now and to do that the border must be secured. The United States must begin the work on the pipeline as it has sat long enough. This issue needs to be corrected and this nation should no longer be spending millions of dollars for energy overseas.

There are currently 10 GOP candidates for the Oval Office who belief they know exactly what this nation needs. There is still much time to go and word has it there may be more candidates entering. Could that be the case, anything is possible. But the fact of the matter still holds true, you do not need a college education to serve as the POTUS and work for the people of America.


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