Martin O’Malley has put his Democratic bid in for POTUS

Alas someone has actually stepped up and decided to go against the Clinton machine. Now this is about to become a very interesting race up until the very end because there finally is someone worth paying attention to and willing to fight for American voters. Martin O’Malley is quite familiar with politics as he has been involved with them for some time. He fought for the middle class worker so they would be treated fairly. He also was in the following positions: Maryland Governor, Baltimore Mayor, including city councelor.

O’Malley has quite a vision and intends to move forward with it to rebuild the United States from the damage it has been faced with. There is quite the mixed vision of his platform and it will be very interesting to see how this former MD governor will move forward in the coming months. To see the entire vision of Martin O’Malley please visit this website link.


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