Could there be change taking place with DNC

All signs are not looking good for Hillary in 2016. As of now there is only one person in the Democratic Party who has actually signed on and began making plans to build his war chest for a possible POTUS run in 2016. The latest of rumors for Hillary have been

– the Democratic party is moving in the opposite direction and making distance
– Hillary has been making no progress in furthering herself for running in 2016
– there has been no announcement made of Hillary running and she will not consider doing it until mid 2015. It reminds me of a conquistador chasing a bull with a red flag. Visualize that if you will to understand the analogy.

As of now, there does not seem to be any solid line up for a 2016 Democratic ticket so everything seems to be quite taken back with the party. It will be interesting to see what happens in the future and if the gentleman who has chosen to put his hat in the ring actually does move forward. Supposedly he does have what it takes to be someone who can turn things around as he does have Reagan tendencies. I look forward to see what will be developing in the coming months.



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