America needs more jobs and closed border doors

Yes I do over react from time to time when I see horrible accidents but I am seeing a lot of activity taking place and it is raising a lot of heated comments that I have been trying to keep tempered. Now I believe it is time to let them go because I can no longer sit idle.

For the past few months I have seen activity on the news take place with teenagers doing wrong and it honestly raises the question, I would like to know why it is teenagers are spending more time walking the streets at night instead of being at home studying for the next day at school?

Why is it that they are not. I put the blame on parents not being parents and forcing their children to mind elders as well as others. I put the blame on not having enough mentors to lead and guide these teenagers into a better life of working for a living and starting a family of their own.

I read articles about child rearing and it speaks more about use of technology than it does of family time. Why is that? Why is there a lack of family time in the home.. does family time have less value now than it did three years ago? five years ago? 10 years ago? It seems to me that the farther we go into the future the further we drift apart in family and that is very depressing. Families are meant to stay together not be broken apart.

It disturbs me to see what this economy has done and it must be improved. America needs more employment, better employment, and the ability to bring those unemployed back to work. That is a step in the right direction. Those border doors must be closed, period. Lastly, because there are far too many immigrants entering into this nation illegally the United States is forced to pay them welfare and that welfare is the American taxpayer funds. That is not fair to those who work hard for a living, we should not pay illegal immigrants; they must be sent back to their homeland, period.


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