Congress must build economy and job growth

Why are businesses leaving the USA? I just happen to see an interview with someone who took the time to discover what is going on within the state of California regarding companies. Did you know that Jerry Brown doesn’t care when it comes to correcting the fact of keeping companies within the state of California? Did you know that more companies are moving from California into another overseas country?

This type of activity is very damaging. California has severe lack of unemployment, by 24%. Why, because the POTUS is not forcing these companies to be held responsible when they move outside the United States. Nothing has been done since the POTUS has been in office. The state of California is not only being damaged by job loss it is also being damaged by loss of water and having to fight for water because of severe drought. The POTUS has done nothing on this matter.

The main concern when it comes down to it is the unemployment and businesses moving. These are two main factors that need to be dealt with immediately not only within the state of California but also across the United States to increase job growth and hold business owners accountable should they choose to pull stakes and move overseas just because they cannot deal with their current status here in America. It is time for this Nation to stand up and take charge of the economy, job growth, and rebuild financial gains.


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