Send Harry Reid to retirement home come November

Harry Reid is a liar and a thief to the American people. The worse thing is, this man has been doing it for years. Harry Reid continues to only think of himself and work for him own interest and the benefits of his family greed. It is time to vote this man out of public office and have him replaced with a person who will ensure the American people and the people of Nevada will be thought of first.

Harry Reid can no longer hide behind this fiasco he has been playing with the current President whenever an issue appears because the game has come to an end. Every time something happens and something is needed to be resolved on the Senate floor who blocks it from taking place, Harry Reid. This man has been doing it for years through not just this current President.

Before Republicans had control of the Oval Office Harry Reid made sure it was impossible to resolve anything or make anything happen. The election years prior it was the same type of reaction activity taking place from this Senator once more all because the Senator is thinking with emotion instead of common sense nor thinking for the American people.

It is time for this man to retire and leave the Senate house so another person can take over to ensure important matters will be done for America and the will of the American people. As of this time over 400 bills are awaiting to be taken care of and none of them have been dealt with because of Harry Reid. Be sure to send Harry Reid to retirement home come November!


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