A simple answer to sodium pentothol

I believe in the death penalty and I believe the use of sodium pentothal as it works quite well for legal injection. What I could not understand is why this was a drug that had stopped being created. My suggestion is quite simple; a select few drug makers and/or persons who wish to make money of their own create a business and do nothing but create this drug only for the use of the authorized personnel that will be using it to put persons to death.

It is that simple because 1) it will correct the use of this new medication we currently know does not work. 2) it will ensure persons who have been placed on death row will be put to death without failure, and 3) there will be no Constitutional cruel and inhumane law suit attempts. With the above being said I believe we are in need of those who can create this item specifically for one reason and one reason only here in the United States of America. To put an end to persons that have been placed on death row without there being a concern of wasteful law suits. As I stated, this will also allow a new business to be created and more jobs to be created as required for those persons who are authorized.


2 thoughts on “A simple answer to sodium pentothol

  1. How about we use the firing squad or what about Old Sparky as I do believe it still works and is in use. I’m fairly certain that the firing squad is being used still in some states and it is considered to be something that is ONLY used for capital punishment. Hey, that form of death is the old way to do it and besides, that’s how the Military does it. Why not carry through with how the military takes care of criminals?

    Since more news is coming about on the business who originally had been selling the drug used for legal injection it is finally starting to make sense. There is only one company in the USA that can sell this and they have been sworn not to sell to anyone who will use this drug for executions. The company who has done this is guess where, a company in the USA that sold to a company in Europe who whines and feels bad because we rid the animals who have been prosecuted for killing others. This is America and their nation has no right in making our rules.

    So with that being stated, there now has been other drugs for creation of a death dosage and they do not work.Now we as Americans must come out with either 1) the old form of execution or 2) creating new form of lethal death dosage using the current additives that are here in America. With the above in thought it means that states are to either bring back firing squads, the electric chair, and/or consider using the highest opiate known to man, Heroine in a dose that will instantly kill on impact. Take your choice and be my guest to provide feedback.

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