Increase border patrol and drop 2012 executive order

BORDER PATROLIt would seem that the POTUS has woken up and is starting to see exactly what is going on; 1) the United States cannot handle large amounts of illegal immigrants, 2) the United States needs to have a stronger border patrol, and 3) to make #2 happen we must have an increased amount of personnel along that border in different locations placed along to ensure there is no illegal entry taking place.

I am sitting here listening to the POTUS speaking about this border crisis and the his discussion with Governor Perry. It would seem that this POTUS is willing to make it happen and protect the United States from illegal immigrants. So I have to wonder how far Congress will go since both sides are talking on this matter first of all. Secondly, on the matter of this package, I am slightly concerned not only because of the monies being requested but more so due to what has happened in previous executive laws that were passed.

As of 2012 an executive order was passed and Deferred Action came about. What this does is when an illegal immigrant crosses the border they will not be sent back due to humanity. First of all, this executive order must be changed. Second, the Heritage Foundation has clearly stated illegals entering through the Mexican border will only grow in numbers because of the executive order passing. It is quite disturbing to think the POTUS has caused this to take place and refuses to correct it.

The very first executive order that was done in 2012 must be made null and void.  As for this large amount of illegal immigrant children that have crossed the border, they must be forced across the border back to their parents where they belong now that we are aware why they are here. Third, the security must be increased along the United States/Mexico border to ensure nothing like this ever happens again. Lastly, there must be an improved detail to the roadway when and where the United States border ends and Mexico border begins so all drivers are aware and can safely turn around.




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