Border patrol needs federal help now

There has been much activity taking place ever since the federal government allowed these illegal aliens freely cross the border. They have done nothing to stop them and nothing to stop these illegal aliens from coming into the United States. There are two frustrating factors. First, the federal government has not provided enough assistance in the matter of border patrol. Second, because of the first it puts pressure on border states as they must work harder to police their locations and block the border of all illegals that attempt to enter.

As of now, southern states are doing just that with their national guardsmen because the federal government refuses to step in. Because the POTUS refuses to provide any assistance, these states have chosen to take action on their own and do what is right to protect their residents and the border. California protestors are now blocking buses hauling illegals into their state. I can see more states doing just that because people are tired of paying tax dollars to take care of illegal immigrants.

There is a serious problem with these illegals coming into the United States. They have severe diseases the United States has not seen in years and we do not need that type of disease in this country. These people do not get vaccines in that country or the other countries they have traveled from. What is now coming about, they are being taught on the correct words to say when seeing border agents; in other words lying just to get across the border. For example, telling a border agent, “I have family in Chicago, California, Miami, etc” The border patrol agent has no choice but to believe them and begin the paperwork. This is wrong and the crossing of the border MUST be reviewed NOW and redone. America can no longer take in any more illegals as this country will be destroyed by smugglers.


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