Fabulous judgements from the SCOTUS today!

First,the labor union ruling has passed. It could very well bankrupt unions in the end. What has just been passed is non-members cannot be forced to pay dues. This judgement applies to all unions -ALL unions! This could very well bankrupt union groups because first of all, unions will decrease in size financially and second those persons who are non-union and have been forced to pay dues will have the right to request the funds previously paid.

The second judgement was quite surprising as it turned 5-4 to the positive and it did pass in benefit of businesses that do not believe in providing contraceptives based on religious matters. Hobby Lobby is one of those companies, another company is a religious group of nuns. Both companies have stated clearly they have religious beliefs and do feel government health care is not in their beliefs on the matter of using contraceptives.. Thankfully the Supreme Court has ruled to eliminate this government mandate and the fact corporations cannot be forced to provide contraception to any employee. That is a very large victory for business owners today!


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