City of Council Bluffs keeps silent

american-flagFinding it quite odd that the City of Council Bluffs is not stepping up and enforcing the laws that are in the books yet the surrounding counties and metropolitan areas are. I have to wonder why it is things are so slow within Pottawatomie county itself?

Perfect example, there usually is a rarity of any activity taking place within Pottawatomie county which is a good thing and just the way most residents like it; peaceful and quiet. But as of lately there has been some questionable activity taking place being that July 4th is nearing. Many residents seem to be driving across the state border and coming back into town with hundreds of dollars worth of fireworks.

Many seem to forget fireworks are illegal in the state of Iowa. What I find even more surprising is nothing is being done about it. How much longer until a child makes the attempt at using one of these items and gets seriously injured? Of course it would be the adult’s fault for making that purchase but my point of this article is the following; why is it that the county sits back and does not keep their own state law in place? It makes no sense. The idea of keeping a holiday safe should be taken literally. Most people do keep that frame of mind but there are some who don’t think of others which is a shame. As a final thought, when deaf ears invite blindness only chaos will ensue.

May you all have a safe and blessed Fourth of July! God Bless our soldiers and our Vets!


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