Quite odd that DC computers no longer work

Isn’t it convenient how Lois Lerner documentation can no longer be accessed. Not only can her email information NOT be obtained six other staff members email information suddenly can no longer be accessed. What is more odd regarding this matter it is not just one week or one month. No, it’s two freaking years that they say gone and in the skull and bones yard; again how convenient?!

Now the question that has been going through my mind is I have to wonder why it is, there has not been technical personnel ensuring this documentation is backed up as required on the server as planned? I would safely assume within the department Lois Lerner worked in along with these other six persons there is a specific protocol that is followed for procedure of data to get backed up. With that being said, you would think when data is not being backed up someone from that technical department would have noticed then done something to correct the issue so it can resume.

Here we are now in a predicament which data supposedly has not been backed up correctly and the personnel who were supposed to be performing their jobs have not done so. It raises the question, who dropped the ball and why was this done? Was it done intentionally and for what reason? Did the person or persons who literally ignored this backup failure get paid not to fix this matter? If so by whom?

There are many questions that many are hiding behind and it would seem that persons are starting to make a larger attempt to hide the truth. After what took place in court between Paul Ryan and his very abrupt questioning it would appear someone has made the attempt to hide factual data. This committee will do everything possible to get the documentation required to ensure Lois Lerner and whomever else if necessary be involved are placed behind bars.


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