Bowe Bergdahl AWOL actions raise legal questions

The Obama administration has performed the most outlandish and overbearing actions with releasing five prisoners from Gitmo to have this deserter taken back from the Taliban. The question is why, why, WHY? It makes absolutely no sense knowing Bergdahl deserted his post not once but twice. What I find more disturbing is the reason for deserting is because of boredom. I’m sorry, boredom? Excuse me?!

When you chose to enter the United States military whether it be Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, or Coast Guard you will be placed into a job. Within that job you will be expected to perform duties and tasks, no excuses. It does not matter if you get bored, as a new person in the military you do not argue, you do not complain, you do not speak back unless you are spoken to. You perform the job as told until you are relieved, period. Should there be an issue with performing the job for the United States military the only option is to speak with your Commanding Officer.

In many cases, there better be a damn good reason why you as a new soldier cannot perform the expected job you are placed into. Commanding Officers are very direct and straight forward when dealing with underlings so this is a matter of national defense and a protection on behalf of the United States of America. When entering the United States of America military it is not taken lightly. The actions that Bowe Bergdahl performed are not taken lightly because this man chose to desert his post.

The CO performed his duties by forcing all personnel to stop what they were currently doing and begin to engage search tactics for this person because he was MIA not knowing what had actually taken place. During the mission of these search tactics for Bowe Bergdahl military personnel were injured and there were some unfortunately KIA by the enemy. This type activity raises many questions about the Bergdahl transfer and why it was done.

What will the future hold for Bowe Bergdahl?

There are many more questions raised from the public as well as the military personnel who fought beside Bergdahl. Every American both military and private citizen has the right to know why this person chose to leave his post of his own will. Yes, Bowe Bergdahl must be placed on trial for desertion because of willingly leaving his post. There are other factors that must be legally considered and carefully weighed against him for prosecution. It will be best to have special prosecution perform this matter to ensure the fullest military charges are submitted and prosecuted to the law.


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