Missouri must follow through with capital punishment on Bucklew

As of yesterday a stay of execution was put in place for Russell Bucklew by SCOTUS Alito. The big problem I have with this is Alito did not give a good enough reason why this stay of execution should take place. Bucklew killed many people and was given the death penalty for good reason; it is his time to take punishment, period. I find it very disturbing that there has been a stay put on this person and quite disturbing that Alito stepped in on the matter. Something needs to be done to force this execution to go through.

Bucklew was angry at his girlfriend because she left him so he killed her but before following through with the murder he chose to beat her in front of her children. What is worse, he snuck into the home of his ex-girlfriend’s mother and beat her then killed her. This man is a sociopath and needs to die for his actions, taxpayers should not have to pay for someone regardless of whether he has a medical condition or not.

The only persons I have sympathy for are the loved ones of the victims killed by this man.



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