President Obama committed illegal action against Bundy Ranch

Unbelievable as my eyes were reading the below article but the documentation shared utter ignorance and unethical judgement upon American citizens from the highest Executive Office in the United States of America; the United States of America went against an registered American voter just to suit his own egotistical and arrogant liberal voters. It disgusts me to think a person would actually take such action as it is bad enough the Senator of Nevada, Harry Reid is up to his chin, in illegal monetary funds being passed between himself, his son, and the China government for solar panels. I am furious at the activity taking place within this White House administration and the other public officials voters who are now caught doing illegal activity. Something must be done about this matter and it requires immediate removal, jail time, and/or fining. Perhaps this requires American citizens to contact State Representatives  and demand answers.

Just In: Obama Accused By Congressman Of Illegal Action At Bundy Ranch.


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