Unemployment is a large issue and no cure is in sight

 Due to the current status of economy millions of American people are unemployed and the numbers are still rising as employers are making the choice to lay off American employees or not hire here in the United States and hire overseas because it is cheaper labor. It is not only American employees being laid off from their jobs dealing with stress but the millions of experienced American unemployed job seekers being overlooked because they can no longer gain employment. In many cases there have been questions raised on the matter of why the current White House administration will not allow small business owners to do what is needed and correct this economy yet unfortunately there is NO response and total silence.

When can Americans go back to work and when can Americans have this country back to normal once again. We count on those whom we voted into office isn’t it about time those who were voted in to do their job and allow the unemployed to get hired and earn a living once again? 

Unemployment is a large issue and no cure is in sight.


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