The missing State money appears and Hillary Clinton is connected

Well, well, well… as if I should not be surprised. Ms. Hillary Clinton is starting to unravel right in front of us and show her true colors of putting her fingers into the cookie jar and take monies that are not her property. Am I surprised, no. Am I shocked, no. Will I continue to speak about this, damn right. Hillary Clinton has been causing trouble since Benghazi and far before that time. The trouble many have is recall on everything this woman has done over the years. I digress on the history for the time being and will focus on what is currently happening because this is quite important as it has much to do with the taking of funds and the involvement of how the current POTUS was voted into office.

It seems the current POTUS has been voted into office on bad terms. In other words, there has been monies passed through during the election on false terms causing wrong actions to take place. This raises many questions to come about and this also calls for special investigation to be done from Congress because of the new report that has come about. I am sure Representative Trey Gowdy would find this quite interesting to look into and further research.

Bombshell Report Links Hillary Clinton To Missing State Department Billions….


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