American jobs are threatened by Obama

This is a total disaster and it must be stopped by Congress NOW. The POTUS is destroying American jobs as well as what makes this country tick, the men and women who work every day. These people cannot afford to lose their jobs and it is a very dangerous slope this EPA is about to put in front of these local businesses forcing them to cut employees.

The Congress needs to wake up and realize what this current POTUS is up to and what is future plans are for eliminating jobs and forcing everyone onto the government payday (welfare system) to increase ObamaCare. That CANNOT happen and it should never EVER happen. My suggestion to every person who cares about America and Americans working the current jobs they have is contact your Senators and Congressmen and Congresswomen today, email their offices and demand this matter get resolved and stop the POTUS from taking away our righ to work here in America. Read the below link for more information.

Heritage: How Many Jobs Are Threatened by the EPA in YOUR District?.


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