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This blog has been built to speak for the American people about the issues that are taking place within Washington, D.C. More importantly the activity or lack thereof what our elected officials are doing. Voters have worked very hard and are still working very hard to do eerything possible for their families, keep food on their table, pay their bills, and a roof other their heads yet it seems the persons in Washington, D.C are not carefully listening to those who have voted them in because these voters are still suffering day after day, pay check to pay check and why is that? There is either one of two things keeping political figures from accomplishing goals on Capitol Hill 1) bribery or 2) lobbyist promises (i.e. “if you do this I can do this”)

It is time for those all persons who have been voted into the political office to either do their job or get out so someone else can perform the position correctly without illegal compensation or promises from a lobbyist. It’s time to get America running correctly and the only way that can happen is to have honest public figures speaking on behalf of the American people.


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