Obama White House transparency is a joke

From the very first day of entering the Oval Office the current POTUS has stated there would be honesty, truth, and transparency regarding everything that is taking place within those doors that will impact society. That has been completely farthest from the truth as this WH administration is more secretive of the actions, meetings, and discussions taking place with the POTUS. This same POTUS has stated over and over there would be transparency but that comment has been a joke.

That comment has been intentionally false based upon the desire to keep the political agenda silent so no one knows is aware of what takes place behind closed doors until after the result is actually determined. Kind of like the same line of thought made when Nancy Pelosi made every Congress person must sign a bill before reading it. That line of thinking is quite deadly and damaging to the economy and to the American people as a whole in multiple forms.

Jobs have not improved, the economy has not improved, foreign relations has not improved, the American people have been lied to regarding ObamaCare faults and the list continues. The larger question is will the American people actually see transparency from this WH administration before it is too late?

The American people are questioning the hidden actions of this administration and seriously beginning to think there needs to be forced firing within this administration due to the fact persons are not performing their job and speaking clearly nor truthfully.

This administration has hidden truths from Behghazi for over a year and has yet to speak truths or release documentation about what really happen the night four United States embassy workers were killed. Why can we not get to the bottom of truth on this matter and why is it we are unable to fire those responsible for not doing their job? It is all because of the Obama administration not speaking up and political ambition which is pure bull! The United States voters deserve answers; mothers lost their sons because someone did not provide what was asked for and that person or persons must be named then fired, period!

Now that we are discussing transparency, what about the Fast and Furious matter. It is another issue that has yet to be resolved. Why is it that Eric Holder is still in office and has yet to be removed? Why is it that no one has claimed responsibility for the death of a border patrol agent as his death should of never taken place. The United States voters have a right to know why this happened and who is at fault. The person who caused this matter must be forced to resign.

In essence, the Obama administration is not being transparent and this administration is not doing their full capability of staying truthful to the United States voters. Things need to change and only the American voters can make change happen by speaking out to their Congressman and their Senators. Speak up and Speak out; make them listen, make Washington, DC listen because until voters shout nothing will happen. It is up to the United States voter to ensure The Constitution stays and America always has freedom, liberty, and prosperity.


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