Could the current WH Administration and George Soros be embedded

I just recently read an article from Dr. Ben Carson and it made my hair raise on end. In the article Dr. Carson states the current WH administration reminds him of the Gestapo. Just hearing that made my skin crawl along with my neck cringe. It also raises the question why is it that no one has yet to look at George Soros and the involvement this man has with the millions of dollars he has sent into the DNC as well as the political election the past two times?

How about they just take a look deeper toward the direction of George Soros and the lobbyists that stand for him every day in the halls of the White House or how about the multiple foundations that run for this man who have his name on the Board of Members when in actuality he owns and is in full handling of daily operations and where the finances are paid.

How do you think Soros makes his money?! Soros needs to be investigated and jailed for turning the United States upside down and making the attempt to pull the tricks he has over the years. I am tired of the millions this man has paid for the past two elections to make sure the current POTUS was voted in. Yes, it was a paid election and no one seems to be paying any attention to it. Why is it no one is focusing on where the money flow comes from?! Why not look at George Soros??? This man needs to be thrown in jail overseas where he has no contact and cannot harm anyone. He has done more negative impact to the United States of America and it is time to pull his Visa.


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